575M Headers

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Service to add o2 sensors to 550 Maranello tubular exhaust manifolds (short headers) to fit on 575M and replace the log style manifolds. This is the single biggest modification to increase volume and power (40hp+ gains) on a 575M. 

This relocates the primary o2 sensors to the lower section of the manifolds and secondary o2 sensors after the catalytic converter downpipes. 

Send in 550 manifolds, downpipes and o2 sensors (if extending wiring) and we will modify to fit the 575M.

In the pictures you can see the comparison between the 550 and 575M manifolds in the last 2 pictures. 


1. Primary o2 sensors only. This will delete the secondary o2 sensors and requires tuning. 

2. o2 sensors added to headers and catalytic converter downpipes.

3. o2 sensors added to headers and catalytic converter downpipes and extended o2 wiring (plug & play option)