Fluidampr Balancer

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Fluidampr Balancer for 1994+ Hummer H1

No tuning or maintenance required - Designed to last the life of the 6.5!

The OEM 6.5 dampener is made of rubber and steel and will deteriorate over time and eventually fail, which will destroy the crank and engine. If the OEM damper has never been changed it likely needs to be due to age alone and should be changed by 100,000.

Protect your 6.5 with the technology high power diesel OEMs use. A Fluidampr performance diesel damper provides premium, broad range control of destructive crankshaft torsional vibration for optimum performance and durability. Fluidampr reduces wear on critical internal engine components when engine modifications are done to gain horsepower or when rotating assembly parts are upgraded. Features high quality, long lasting viscous silicone with precision CNC machined and computer balanced high-grade steel components.