Huracan Muffler Delete

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SRM Muffler Delete for Huracan LP580-2 & LP610-4 (Coupe & Spyder)

Non-Merged construction to achieve the highest pitch from the V10.

Lightweight construction reduces 51 lbs from the factory system. 

Combined with high flow cats or cat bypass will shoot fireballs.

Reduces engine bay temperatures. 

Allows for removal of factory muffler heat shielding for further weight reduction and greater airflow out of the back of the car. 

Utilizes factory tips.

Power gains from 4000rpm with peak gains of 20whp & 20wtq!!


This product is designed for use on RoW vehicles, is not CARB certified and is intended for NON-USA USE ONLY. Please check all local laws and track requirements before purchase.