Huracan Swift Lowering Springs

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Fits Huracan, EVO & Peformante

Retains Nose Lift!!
Great addition to RWD/2WD Converted cars

Swift Sport Springs add improved handling and lower ride height. Swift approached the creation of these lowering springs with 3 goals.

  • Maintain or improve a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Increase handling by reducing body roll and squat in search of overall suspension balance
  • Lower the vehicle within tolerance of each vehicle's usable stroke

Every cars have their usable strokes
Most enthusiasts have had experiences with the typical harsh and uncomfortable ride from lowering springs. Performance is often overlooked by manufactures simply because it is easier to lower a vehicle for aesthetics. The end result is usually a bumpy ride that causes a decrease in traction, or excessive worn shocks caused by lowering the vehicle beyond the usable stroke.

Proprietary material and design to satisfy two contrasting factors
Swift retains comfort while improving performance by creating their own material (H5S.TW), and unique manufacturing method for it. Working in unison, the material and manufacturing method provides a superior level for both comfort and handling.

The way Swift designed the lowering springs
Swift's spring design has fewer coils to decrease un-sprung mass and completely eliminate the chance of coil bind, while increasing the amount of usable stroke. Swift's proprietary material (H5S.TW) has a much quicker transient response, reacting to any road conditions for a smoother ride where other springs will skip on the harsh road surface, Swift springs react to the road surface as needed.

With the Swift Sport Springs, both street and circuit users will experience an increase in all aspects of suspension tuning from performance to comfort.


  • Spring Rate Front: 933 Lbs/Inch
  • Spring Rate Rear: 503 Lbs/Inch
  • Front Lowering: -1.7 Inch
  • Rear Lowering: -1.5 Inch
  • Keep quality ride
  • Improved handling
  • Reduces body roll