KW Coilovers for Huracan

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KW Coilovers Variant 5 Coilovers

Ultra high performance technology (KW Solid Piston Technology) bred from GT3 motorsports. KW 4-way independently adjustable damper technology.

The all new V5 coilover features precise 4 way dampening adjustment capabilities.
To lower and improve the Huracan suspension, having rebound and compression adjustment is great. But having the ability to fine tune suspension movements at different speeds is even better.

KW took the V5 coilover to a whole new level with high speed and low speed tunability. High speed refers to suspension travel and events that the coilover itself experiences very quickly such as a sharp corner or a hard launch from a stop. Low speed events refer to suspension movements that happen at a slower, more gradual pace such as large sweeping corners or gradual acceleration.

The ability to adjust high and low speed suspension dampening independently gives you unprecedented handling, performance, and control. This means every acceleration, steering movement, or braking event is tunable and precise.

The KW V5 utilizes the Huracan factory lift system for vehicles equipped.  


  • 01: Front and rear height adjustable by threaded shock bodies
  • 37: For cars which have electronic dampers, make sure they are shut down. Specific electronical damper shut-downs are available. 
  • 67: Valving is adjusted by adjustment knobs.
  • 90: Aluminum suspensions struts

The KW V5 assures precise and fast damping without delay in sports cars and super sports cars. The shock absorbers and valves react directly, even with small spring travel, minimal steering movements, and minor road undulations. Every driving maneuver and every input, such as those generated during braking, acceleration, steering, load changes, and undulations, are damped much more precisely. KW Solid Piston dampers provide much more platform support to the chassis than conventional dampers and allow for lower spring rates to be used.

The V5 adjustable SPCLH-A (Solid Piston Compression Low- and Highspeed Adjustable) compression damping and rebound damping offers significant added values: more sensitive damping, cavitation-free function, precise high-frequency damping, low-pressure gas range from 6 to 10 bar and low hysteresis.

The low- and high-speed valve units offer the freedom to individually adjust the compression and rebound damping with 13 exact clicks (14 characteristic curves) each in the low- and high-speed range. The KW Solid Piston Technology can also be used to cover a large force range when designing the characteristic curves and enable a completely new type of harmonious damping.