Ohlins Coilovers for Huracan

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The Öhlins TTX-Pro range of suspension systems have been developed for discerning club-level racers and track day aficionados looking to utilize identical technology as the pros use to maximize performance. The dampers are carefully chosen for each application from Öhlins professional TTX motorsport range and adapted to suit road-going cars where the focus is on track use. Öhlins TTX dampers are pressure balanced at every clicker setting without the need of excessive nitrogen pressure, resulting in a broad range of adjustability without cavitation. The vehicle-specific suspension settings have been rigorously tested to ensure they deliver on track, while being compliant for the journey back home. All dampers are truly independent in compression and rebound adjustability, providing owners the possibility to fine-tune their set-up according to the conditions of the track.

The benefits are immediately apparent: reduced weight and an improved grip and feel in the car like never before. As expected from Öhlins, only the highest quality materials are used. Each system is dyno matched to ensure consistent handling. If you’re looking to lap quicker through improved confidence in your car’s suspension, then look no further than Öhlins TTX-Pro range of suspension systems.


TTX Technology
Developed for Track-Focused Cars
Independent Damping Adjustment
Pressure Balanced
Dyno Matched
Popular Applications

*Cancellation kit available for vehicles with OE active dampers. Active damper functionality is lost.
*System does not function with factory lift system. 
*System offers independent rebound and compression adjustment via separate compression and rebound knobs.