996 & 997 Rear Wheel Drive Conversion

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Reid Performance 2WD Conversion ("RP 2WD") converts AWD Porsche 911 models to Rear Wheel Drive (RWD / 2WD).

996: C4, C4S and Turbo 
997.1: C4 and C4S

RP 2WD drops 74lbs off the 911; makes the 911 significantly faster by reducing the drivetrain power loss between the engine and ground; reduce both un-sprung and rotational mass; increases clutch life; increases fuel economy; is easier to drive the 911 at low speeds; easier clutch engagement; and it's 100% reversible with no permanent modification to the 911. It allows the use of any size wheel or tire combination without damaging the driveline. 

Unlike tearing down the factory front axles, RP 2WD allows the 911 to be returned AWD whenever you want. It saves on installation time and cost by allowing you to convert to 2WD without spending hours breaking apart CV joints, or paying a drivetrain shop (if you can find one willing) to tear apart the CV joints. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with axle grease. The RP 2WD axle delete stubs are the lightest axle stubs available due to weight saving techniques and weigh 50% less than torn down factory axle stubs, further reducing the un-sprung and rotational mass from the front hubs.

The RP 2WD consists of axle deletes, installation instructions and customer support. The RP 2WD was the first dedicated axle delete for the 996/997 and is the LIGHTEST full Rear Wheel Drive conversion for the Porsche 996/997.1. 

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions

The kit consists of two steel axle deletes and installation instructions. The kit is built on a per-order basis, there is a two-four week wait period from the time of order to the time of shipment.**