2018+ Tesla Model S & Model X Brembo GT BM Big Brake Kit

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Fits 2018+ Tesla Model S & Model X NON-PLAID / LONG RANGE

The Brembo GT 380mm big brake kits are MASSIVE compared to the OEM Brembo 4 piston calipers and 355mm x 25mm rotors 

The Brembo GT brake kit is a direct bolt on, no changes made to vehicle. It does not require new hubs like OEM big brakes. The vehicle can be reverted to the stock brakes in the future. 

  • Brembo 8 piston Monobloc calipers
  • Brembo 412mm x 38mm lightweight two piece rotors
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines: DOT/TÜV approved
  • Brembo high performance brake pads and anti-rattle hardware
  • Brembo billet caliper mounting brackets
  • Fully compatible with ABS and traction control system
  • All necessary hardware included for seamless installation

    An innovative 4D technology casting process​

    The brake calipers for the GT | BM systems are made using an innovative 4D technology casting process used here for the first time ever in the manufacturing of car calipers. This casting process makes use of a technology that has allowed Brembo to offer a design that is completely different compared to what is generally offered for this type of calipers. With this technology, the caliper has technical features that are generally found only on racing calipers that are machined from billet or forged. All the calipers in the GT | BM braking systems are cast with internal fluid lines rather than with the more conventional external rigid pipe connections. The bleeding screw is invisible therefore it fits better within the overall design and this ensures greater safety and freedom of design. The family of GT | BM calipers stands out for the higher degree of efficiency in terms of architecture and style thanks to the lack of aesthetic limits that are typical of calipers that are cast using traditional methods. ​