IPSCO Lightweight Pulleys

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The IPSCO underdrive pulley replace the factory cast metal piece and removes 12 ounces of weight and additional diameter from the crank pulley. This results in approximately .1 second reduction in quarter mile times. 

Made out of CNC machined billet 6061-T6 aluminum.

Underdrive Crank Pulley: Pulley is designed to turn water pump, Alternator, Power Steering pump & AC 25% slower. This results is a 5-10HP gain and keeps the water pump from cavitation problems, and includes new 5/16-18 Grade 8 mounting hardware.

Power Steering Pump Pulley: Replaces the OEM Plastic Pulley, a known failure point. The Pulley utilizes a self-locking hub design so a puller is required to install or remove the pulley hub on pump shaft.

Alternator Pulley: Replaces the OEM steel pulley with a lightweight with replaceable bearing.

Idler Pulley: Replaces the OEM steel pulley with a lightweight with replaceable bearing.

Belt Tensioner Pulley: Replaces the OEM plastic pulley with a stronger lightweight pulley with replaceable bearing.