2001 Diablo 6.0 Ignition Coils

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Reid Performance (RP) Ignition Coils are an upgrade for the OEM (Magneti Marelli) ignition coils on the 2001 Diablo 6.0.

RP coils have a CNC machined plastic head, provide a stronger spark, better water isolation and have better corrosion resistance than OEM coils. Unlike the OEM coils, RP Ignition Coils are in stock so there is no wait for import from Italy and RP Ignition Coils are available as single units at a cost 1/3 of an OEM set.

If your car's idle fluctuates, the car stalls on its own, is down on power, has a misfire or a catalytic temp warning light on, your coil packs are bad. The heat from the V12 and open engine bay design of the Murcielago adds additional wear to the ignition coils (RP and MM). I suggest changing the ignition coils and spark plugs every 15k miles. 

Suggested spark plug: NGK 4347

- Individual - $120.00
- Complete Set of 12 - $1,100.00