458 DTP Exhaust

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The Tri-Tip 458 DTP Exhaust fits the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider models. DTP is the ONLY muffler delete (straight pipe) exhaust with valves to quiet the exhaust note. The valves retain the OEM function of RPM based sound level. With the valves closed, DTP offers an OEM+ sound. 

With the valves open DTP creates a high pitched sound without drone because of its short, equal length and non-merged design. DTP is the lightest exhaust for the 458 with the stainless version weighing in at 11 lbs and engine bay temperatures are reduced. 

Catback design does not alter factory emissions equipment. 

DTP is available in valved and non-valved versions. The non-valved versions do not utilize a center tip or bypass pipes and are the lightest exhaust available for the 458. 

A Titanium version is available to make an even higher pitch tone and further reduce weight to only 6 lbs (valved) and 5 lbs non-valved. 

DTP may take up to two weeks to fabricate from the time of order.