Antigravity Batteries - Viper

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GEN 1-2 (1992-2002): Group-47 & Adapters (SEE BELOW)
GEN 3-4 (2003-2010):Group-24 (SEE BELOW)
GEN5 (2013+): H5/Group-47

Intelligent Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery that won’t leave you stranded!

Antigravity Batteries (AG) has changed the game again with their latest Lithium-Ion Car Batteries. The newest RE-START line of batteries offers built-in WIRELESS Jump-Starting! If the battery is ever discharged, simply press the Button on the provided Keyfob to start the car. No need for a Jump or Roadside Assistance. You don’t even have to open the hood to access the battery and can do it from the safety of sitting in your car! If you want to also track your battery status via Bluetooth, you can use the Lithium Battery Tracker.


Never stranded again… Our amazing RE-START Technology is the first battery ever to offer Wireless Remote-activated built-in Jump Starting or by pressing Restart button on top of battery. It will not allow a dead battery! For example if you left your lights on the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) in the battery would put itself to sleep before being drained dead, yet save just enough energy to start your vehicle again. With the AG WIRELESS REMOTE KEYFOB you can activate the Jump-Starting by simply pressing the Keyfob Button, start your car and drive away.


AG Batteries RE-START system offers the latest technology for the safest and longest life cycle possible. AG on-board Battery Management System (BMS) offers Safety Circuitry to prevent Over-Discharge and Over-Charge and has Short-Circuit protections, while additionally offering Cell Balancing and Thermal protections. These advanced features make the battery safe and extend the life of the battery by keeping it in the prime operating zone and not allowing damage. 7-9 years are expected from the AG Batteries depending on use and climate.


AG Batteries RE-START Automotive Batteries come in EXACT FIT OEM size.


WEIGHT: The ultralight AG Batteries weigh from 8.5 lbs to 17 lbs depending on model. On average this equates to a weight loss from 35- 60 lbs over a typical lead/acid battery! For greater weight loss you can go with a smaller Amp Hour Battery if you want the lightest weight possible. 
POWER: The high cranking power of the AG Lithium-Ion Battery can start Motors up to 900 Horsepower easily!


AG offers different Amp Hour Capacities in the same Case Size. For example the H6 Case Size is used in the Porsche 911, but is also used in some SUVs. A higher Amp Hour Capacity Battery will be desirable in an SUV, but the 911 owner might want to lose as much weight as possible, so a 24 Ah battery that saves another 10lbs and benefits the 911 Owner. So you can choose the option that suits your application the best.

CTEK lithium battery tender and extension cable are suggested for long battery life on vehicles not regularly driven. CTEK available here.

**** GEN 2 Viper use Group 75 battery. Group 47 are nearly identical in size and allow for the use of terminal adapters. The negative battery terminal strap must be moved to the forward mounting stud on the frame & the battery tie down MUST cover the lip of the base of the batter to prevent it from moving upwards while driving. The positive terminal is very close to the frame - it is suggested to add a small piece of rubber to the frame for additional protection. 

**** GEN 3 & 4 Viper use Group 34 battery. Group 24 are nearly identical in size but are not exactly the same size.