BC Forged KZ15 Wheels

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BC Forged KZ15 Wheels are an iconic that look good on, well, all Model S with a clean face profile and classic spoke configurations. The KZ15 are lightweight and strong monoblock wheel.

BC Forged wheels are custom made per order. Build times usually vary between 4 to 6 weeks from the time you place your order until they arrive at your door. 

BC Forged wheels come with ‘BC Forged’ milled logo center caps and Silver Valve Stems.

Pricing is for a set of 4 wheels. 

Pictured is 21 x 9.5 and 21 x10.5 in Bright Clear

The drop down options are popular colors, offsets and sized. However, the options available are virtually limitless.  Please contact us HERE if you would like any of the following . . . or any other specific need. 

Machining for OEM Center Caps
Additional Colors from the master swatch
Black, Gold or Titanium colored Wheel Hardware
Black Valve Stems
OEM Offsets
Custom Offsets
Big Brake Clearance
Big Brake Clearance
8.5"-13" Width Wheels
18"-22" Diameter Wheels