DeLorean Front Camber

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When lowering the DeLorean, the front tires will achieve a maximum of 1 degree of negative camber. By modifying the upper control arm, we are able to get 3.5 degrees of negative camber at this level and sill able to service the joints. For reference the rear is at 3 degree of negative camber without any adjustment. If the car was higher, the degree of negative camber would be decreased. 

Send in your stock control arms and camber adjustment will be added in either an additional 1 or 2.5 degree increments. 

Reinforcement plate option: adds a new surface to the top of the control arm. The factory arm design is strong enough to not require the plate, but some customers prefer the solid plate.

Variants in pictures: Reinforced - bare control arm | Non-reinforced - coated/installed arm

New bushings can be added at an additional charge upon request.

Lower Control Arm Boxing Services are available at an additional charge upon request.