Ford GT Coilovers - Reid/Fortune

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Reid Coilovers for 2005-2006 Ford GT

Direct Bolt-On | Adjustable Ride Height & Comfort
Made to Order | 6-9 Week Build Time

Reid Performance teamed up with Fortune Auto to create a street oriented Ford GT Coilover. 

The perfect choice for street driving with a more controlled feel and ability to dial in the suspension to your specific needs. Featuring easily accessible damper adjustment knobs and ride height adjustable independent of spring preload, the makes adjusting and maintaining the FGT coilover easier than ever. Locking rings keep all adjustments locked in and ready for precise predictable feedback.
The single adjustable damper design allows for control of both compression and rebound settings in one and does not require tools for making adjustments.
Ride height adjustability is achieved from both spring load and an adjustable coilover body length. The ride height ranges from a 1 finger gap between the tire and fender to the stock ride height. An extreme low option is available for those which require a lower ride height.

- Fortune Shocks with 24 levels of adjustment
- One-way adjustable compression and rebound design
       - Two-way upgrade with remote canisters available.
- Ride Height Range: OEM height down to a loose 1 finger gap
       - Extreme Low option for cars requiring a lower ride height
- Lightweight Aluminum Components
- Fully Rebuildable
- AMSoil Synthetic Shock Oil
- Swift Springs
- Built/Assembled In USA
- Easy Installation & Instructions Included

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