H1 Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings

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For All Model Year Hummer H1
Fits Both Front & Rear Sway Bar

Each Order fits 1 Sway Bar

Replace the worn and most likely failed original rubber sway bar mounts in your Hummer. The age, driveline weight and driveline movement of the H1 put a large amount of stress on the rubber sway bar mounts and they wear away so there is less support of the bar - by replacing with Hyper-Flex polyurethane mounts it provides maximum performance of the sway bars. The harsh conditions the H1 imposes on sway bars - from its weight and off road adventures causes the rubber bushings to fail more quickly than other vehicles and polyurethane bushings have a longer service life. The Polyurethane mounts greatly increase chassis control, which makes turns more precise and overall makes the H1 more enjoyable to drive on road and more capable off road.