Huracan Titanium Exhaust

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 B-Rogue Titanium Exhaust for the Huracan.

The B-R exhaust deletes the muffler from the system and is constructed of titanium making this the loudest and lightest available exhaust, reducing 68lbs off the the standard Huracan. 

B-R exhaust creates a higher pitched sound than other exhausts because of its titanium construction and straight pipe design. The B-R exhaust also reduces engine bay temperatures compared to the OEM exhaust. A unique property of titanium is the color will change over time from matte silver to blue, purple and gold from the heat of the exhaust gasses.

The B-Rogue exhaust and Reid Performance intake, combined, result in a 28 wheel horsepower and 21 wheel torque gains. 

The B-Rogue exhaust takes between two-four weeks to fabricate from the time of order.