IPSCO Seat Lowering Kit

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2" Fixed Seat Lowering Kit

Fits 2003 - 2010 Viper (GEN 3 & 4)

The Fixed Seat Lowering Kit (SLK) lowers the seat a full 2 inches to the floor which provides more knee room and head room. SLK is non-adjustable, so the seat will not slide forwards or backwards, but it can still be tilted. SLK is CNC machined from Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum.


Seat lowering and air bag operation for both seats on 08-10 SRT10 Vipers.

Both seats in the GEN4 Viper have an airbag system (SRS) in the that determines the weight of an occupant and adjusts the airbag to on or off. 

For an occupant with the weight between 65 and 105 pounds the SRS will determine the need for the airbag at all. This is based on a correctly seated person! This is true for all the levels of adjustment. Occupants must sit in the seat correctly and distribute weight evenly in the seat without leaning for/aft or side to side. Within seconds after starting the car SRS will “lock in” occupant values. If this is not done correctly and the dash light is incorrect for your weight it is best to exit the running vehicle and wait 2-6 minutes before re entering the vehicle. At 2 minutes the corrected value is 80% and as the minutes increase to 6 minutes the corrected percentage gets closer to 100. SRS monitors and updates occupant weight and “position” in the vehicle every 2 minutes after that.

At 120+ pounds SRS still monitors but is in the ON mode. It is critical that occupant weight is evenly distributed though as SRS senses this every 2 minutes.

To install the seat lowering kit the following must be done:

Both seats have a position sensor located under the seat, it controls the air bag force adjustment by proximity to the steering wheel. If the seat is lowered and the switch is not installed correctly the force of the airbag is unknown but it WILL still deploy if the conditions are met for it.

The seat position sensor (a metal proximity sensor), needs to be adjacent to metal when the seat is from midway to the far back position, so it needs to be zip tied to the metal frame of the seat. The purpose of this sensor is to reduce the air bag charge or turn the air bag off if the car is driven with the seat positioned all the way forward, since the seat lowering kit moves the seat all the way to the rear, the sensor will report the correct seat position. Also you will need to leave the pressure sensor under the seat as-is.

*** Installer of the seat lowering kit shall be liable for any failure or reduced operation of the SRS. Install at your own risk  ***