Murcielago Intake

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Reid Performance Murcielago Intake works with 6.2, LP640, LP650, LP670 SV and Reventon models. 

The RP Intake replaces the restrictive factory air intake system with smooth intake pipes, titanium couplers and AEM dry cone air filters. This reduces air turbulence, reduces heat soak and allows the engine to ingest 25% more air volume. The cone filters are placed directly next to the factory fresh air ducts and are protected by the factory carbon fiber panels from the engine bay.

Compared to the factory intake with BMC filters the RP Intake has power gains of 20 wheel horsepower and torque throughout the power band on 91 octane, instant throttle response and greatly amplifies the engine's intake acoustics.

RP Intake Tube upgrade comes in three different versions: Silicone with titanium couplers; Pie Cut Titanium; Pie Cut Titanium with black wrinkle (OEM look); Pie Cut Titanium with heat treatment for blue, gold & gold coloration.

Parts included: Intake tubes, dry air filters, couplers and hose clamps.