LP640 Long Tube Headers

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Murcielago LP640 Long Tube Headers, Complete Exhaust and Exhaust Tip.
- Bolt on system. The Headers and Exhaust can be installed with engine in the car. 
- Will fit Diablo 6.0, 2002-2006 Murcielago, LP670 and Reventon with modification to the exhaust tip.
The complete system is made of stainless steel with Burns collectors and v-band connections
Runners have a completely new equal-length design to get the absolute most power 
The primaries are half an inch larger diameter over the factory manifolds
The exhaust section increased diameter to 3"
The complete system is ceramic (thermal) coated to greatly reduce under-hood temperatures
Simply bolting this system onto a LP640 which had primary cat deletes gained 55 wheel horsepower and 62 wheel torque on 91 octane. Power gains are from 1000rpm to redline. On a LP640 with Reid Performance Intake, 2WD conversion and Long Tube Headers/3" Exhaust made 666 wheel horsepower (766 crank horsepower) on 91 octane. This is the highest power of any non-turbo Murcielago. 
Cars with factory primary cats can expect gains around 75 wheel horsepower. Cars with a stock exhaust system can expect gains of nearly 100 wheel horsepower. With an intake and tune, expect additional gains of over 30 wheel horsepower. 
Reduce weight over the stock system by over 150lbs. 
These headers are one of two systems produced and the only system with a non-merged exhaust design. Given the complexity of the entire system, it required over 50 hours of fabrication time and the cost of bare materials and ceramic coating was over $6500. Since this system was used for testing it has scratches on the manifolds. New ceramic coating is available for an additional charge.
Fabrication to fit Diablo 6.0, Murcielago 6.2, LP670 or Reventon is available upon request.