Murcielago DTP Exhaust

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Reid Performance Murcielago DTP exhaust for Murcielago 6.2, LP640-4, LP650-2, LP670-4 and Reventon. 

DTP combines the secondary exhaust and muffler sections creating the loudest and highest pitched exhaust available for the Murcielago. DTP is the lightest exhaust available for the Murcielago and weighs 110 lbs less than the factory system. DTP's small size reduces engine bay temperatures & allows for the removal of the large muffler heat shield.

DTP rev and driving video HERE

DTP removes exhaust drone throughout the powerband and retains the LP Murcielago's ability to create large fireballs. 

Titanium version weighs 2.6lbs, utilizes pie cut construction and creates a higher pitch. Titanium will transform from matte silver to gold/purple/blue throughout its life from different heat cycles. 

DTP may take up to two weeks to fabricate from the time of order. 

This product is designed for use on RoW (non-USA) vehicles, is not CARB certified and is intended for NON-USA USE ONLY. Please check all local laws and track requirements before purchase.