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GEN2 Dodge Viper SRT Big Brake Conversion 

This is the complete kit needed to run bigger brakes on a 1996-2002 Viper. The kit includes the hardware only as it DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CALIPERS

GEN3+ Front Brakes - increases rotor size to 14" and larger calipers
GEN3+ Front & Rear Brakes - increases rotor size to 14" and larger calipers
GEN3+ Front Brakes & Move GEN2 Front Brakes to Rear - 14" front rotors & 13" rear
rotors and larger calipers
Move GEN2 Front Brakes to Rear - 13" rear rotors and larger calipers

IPSCO Caliper Adapter Brackets
Girodisc 2 Piece Brake Rotors (17lbs lighter than 1 piece rotors)
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Installation Hardware
Optional: Brake Bias Controller

Wheel fitment:
18" ACR BBS wheels fit
18" OEM wheels require 10mm thick wheel spacers
17" OEM wheels do not fit

IPSCO Caliper Brackets:
Machined aluminum brackets to bolt on calipers with 14" brake rotors to the GEN2 Viper 

Girodisc Rotors:
Girodisc rotors are a direct replacement for the OE disc. No modifications are necessary. Girodisc rotors are 8.6lbs lighter per rotor than OEM and a complete set of 4 is 34.4lbs lighter! This reduction in rotational and unsprung weight allows for quicker acceleration and suspension response. Larger rotors provide greater braking force and cooling capacity. Girodisc rotors are made up of a central hat made from U.S. 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and the disc is made from proprietary cast iron, poured in the USA and machined in house at Girodisc, the two are connected via a floating mount system, which utilizes high strength alloy steel drive pins. Girodisc rotors utilize a curved vane design to force cooling air through the disc. Once the Girodisc system is in place, simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed.

Hawk HPS Brake Pads:
This unique Ferro-Carbon compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports. Much improved braking over OE and standard replacement brake pads. Increased Stopping Power; High Friction/Torque Hot or Cold; Gentle on Rotors; Extended Pad Life; Low Dust; Virtually Noise-Free

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines:
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines provide a quicker, firmer, more consistent pedal response by maintaining consistent brake pressure. Stainless steel lines provide precision brake modulation, especially during threshold braking. The improvement in pedal feel is more dramatic on older vehicles where the factory rubber line may have softened and swelled due to age.

Rear Parking Brake:
Brembo Rear Parking Brake available for 13" rotors (GEN2 fronts moved to rear).