Urus Lowering Links

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Lower the Urus by replacing the factory links with Ghost lowering links. The air ride suspension has a set point where the car is at its stock ride height, changing this position with shorter links, then the ECU recognizes the lower position which lowers the Urus at 1/10 the cost of an electronic lowering module. The Ghost Links are easy to install and fit directly in place of the factory ones. Because Ghost Links feature adjustable heim rod ends, you can adjust them to set your ride height based on several factors. This includes adjustment for rim size, tire size and local road conditions.


  • No wiring or modifications
  • OE style connecting ends
  • Fully adjustable on the vehicle
  • One side is reverse threaded so that adjustment can be performed on the vehicle without removal of the link.
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Ghost Links are sold as a full vehicle kit. You do not need any other product to lower your vehicle.
  • This set consists of four adjustable linkages. For vehicles with Air Suspension