Viper Clutch Replacement Package

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Package to transform the feel and response of your Viper during a clutch replacement. This makes the engine more responsive; less drivetrain power loss; controls the driveline movement for a more consistent shifter placement and better handling characteristics; and a precise shifter engagement. 

Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
Polyurethane Engine and Transmission Mounts
IPSCO Short Throw Shifter
IPSCO 2" Shifter Lowering Kit

The following links are suggested for the clutch replacement:
LUK Clutch 1992-2002
LUK Clutch 2003-2006
LUK Slave Cylinder 1992-2002 (must transfer current fittings to the new slave)
Remote Clutch Bleeder Line (will have extra line in the engine bay - not for show cars)
1350 U-Joints (2 required for each axle & 1 for the driveshaft)
U-Joint Straps (2 required for each axle & 1 for the driveshaft)